Enterprise Class Data Protection

Peace of Mind Data Protection by Axios Hosting

The Axios Server Backup Enterprise high performance disk-to-disk backup software gives data protection peace of mind that you need in today's data-driven world. We've listed some of CDP's from Axios Hosting:


  • High-Performance Backups - Create an initial backup seed in hours and schedule regular replication without downtime.

  • Easy Administration - The Web Interface allows for a complete, central overview of your backup situation at a glance.

  • Industrial Capacity - Allows for server backups up to 64 TB in size with the Disk Safe® technology.

  • Multi-Point Replication - Flexibility for automated on-site and off-site backups for complete redundancy.

  • MySQL True Granular Backups - Allows for online MySQL database backups of even the busiest database servers.

  • MS SQL Database Backups - Allows for online MySQL database backups of individual databases.


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